Vitello Tonnato

Serves 4

1 carrot, roughly chopped

1 small onion, roughly chopped

1 celery stick, roughly chopped

1 sprig of fresh thyme

1 bay leaf

500 g lean veal rump

Handful of caperberries to serve

For the tuna mayonnaise

2 large egg yolks

3 tbsp lemon juice

300 ml olive oil

5 anchovy fillets

200 g canned tuna

3 tbsp small capers


Put all the vegetables and herbs in a large pan. Cover with water and bring to the boil. Add the veal, reduce the heat and cook for 45 minutes to one hour so that the meat is cooked but remains pink in the middle. Remove from the heat and allow the veal to cool in the cooking juices.

In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the lemon juice and a little salt. Gradually whisk in the olive oil a few drops at a time at first, then pour it in steadily in a thin stream until you have a thick and glossy mayonnaise.

Put the anchovies, tuna and capers in a food processor and blitz together. Fold this mixture into the mayonnaise.

Slice the veal thinly and place a layer of slices in a large flat dish. Add a layer of the tuna sauce, then keep building alternate layers, finishing with a layer of sauce. Cover with clingfilm and refrigerate overnight.

When ready to serve, return the veal to room temperature and garnish with caperberries.